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Greater Sydney Commission submission 

In November 2016, the Greater Sydney Commission placed their Draft District Plans on exhibition. Submissions closed on 31 March 2017, with the GSC receiving over 3,000 responses.

UDIA NSW made a submission that champions the GSC for the role it must play. The recommendations include:

  • Calling on the GSC to play a greater leadership role in planning Sydney’s urban development
  • Improving inadequacies in the GSC’s ‘City Deal’ that draws a greater focus on the role of the private sector
  • Introducing a two-tiered approach to Sydney’s ‘strategic centres’ involving primary and secondary centres – for example Parramatta would be a primary centre, whereas Blacktown would be a secondary centre. Currently the GSC has unrealistically identified 23 ‘strategic centres’ of equal gravity.
  • A greater focus on industrial areas in Western Sydney, known as the ‘Western Sydney Employment Area’ to provide jobs as the Western Sydney population rises by 400,000 people. The recommendation includes upsizing distribution centres and warehouse facilities, utilizing updated design and technology and utilizing greater flexibility in zoning.
  • The introduction of an urban development program under the directive of the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

Affordable housing

Additional recommendations to the GSC include a reform of complying development regulations, whereby complying developments are approved on merit, rather than being subject to blanket prohibitions. This reform would improve building diversity and improve housing affordability.

Inclusionary zoning is also addressed in the submission. UDIA has called for the NSW Government to play a more active role in proving affordable housing, providing incentives to developers rather than higher development costs. UDIA has recommended that the NSW Government seek greater use of the Federal Affordable Housing Finance Corporation. 

The full submission can be found here.