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Kathryn Greiner welcomed as Retirement Village Ambassador 

“Ms Greiner has had an impressive career and is a distinguished voice on matters related to the state’s ageing population,” said UDIA NSW chief executive, Steve Mann.
“One of the biggest challenges our state will face over the coming decades as our population continues to age is the supply of seniors living. Seniors living is a complicated, multi-faceted industry which requires the attention of experts such as Ms Greiner.
“The UDIA NSW Seniors Living Committee is investigating ways to improve the supply of seniors living, which includes ‘downsized’ homes for empty-nesters, retirement villages and integrated aged care.
“Currently, the challenges of overly-restrictive council local environmental plans, state environmental planning policies and development control plans limit the supply of seniors living, particularly for affordable seniors living.
“We need to find a solution to improve the supply of affordable seniors living in NSW, or we are going to be in a situation where an ageing population may be left without appropriate accommodation.”
With the over-65 population expected to increase by 30 percent over the next 20 years, UDIA NSW will be holding a ‘think tank’ event on 21 February 2019 to discuss potential solutions to the shortage of affordable seniors living in NSW.
Mr Mann said, “we have invited Ms Greiner to our seniors living think tank and would welcome her attendance as both Chair of the NSW Ministerial Council on Ageing and as the Retirement Village Ambassador.”