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How Sydney can handle population growth 

“Infrastructure spending has increased massively but there is still a huge deficit to address,” said Mr Mann.

“There is a lot of commentary about increasing density in some areas of Sydney however on a world scale, Sydney is not very dense at all. In fact, Sydney is less dense than Glasgow, Wellington and Vancouver.

“Ironically, public transport infrastructure cannot be justified without integrated urban planning to deliver an increase in density. Calls to stop new development are preventing new transport infrastructure.

“UDIA NSW recently identified how local infrastructure delays are currently preventing the development of over 90,000 new homes in Western Sydney.

“Every government agency has their own prediction for population growth and infrastructure-placement decisions cannot be made until this is consistent. Therefore, a key requirement will be the formation of an Urban Development Program which provides one source of truth for where future growth of Sydney will occur.

“Nothing will happen unless taxpayers can be confident their money will be spent efficiently. UDIA NSW is driving a research program called Urban AI, which is harnessing ‘machine learning’  to find out how to get the best economic return from investment into public transport infrastructure. 

“Government can embrace growth without backing down on population increase, but government needs to embrace the new tools developed by the private sector to more efficiently cater to the growth of Sydney.”