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Daley inquiry policy must keep infrastructure ball rolling 

Improving the transparency of infrastructure provision was a key recommendation of a recent parliamentary inquiry into land release and housing supply.

UDIA NSW chief executive, Steve Mann, said effective infrastructure delivery was the key to improving housing affordability and liveability.

“This policy aims to improve the level of transparency in major infrastructure projects however it must not unnecessarily slow the delivery of new infrastructure or housing. It already takes 7-10 years to deliver a new home in Western Sydney.

“Sydney still has a housing affordability crisis and we need to keep building 41,250 homes per year, for the next 20 years, to make housing more affordable.

“New infrastructure is a key component of improving liveability and we support greater transparency in the process.

In September, UDIA NSW released the Building Blocks 2.0 report, which identifies missing pieces of trunk infrastructure which would enable the development of 94,500 homes.

“If Mr Daley is serious about solving infrastructure problems, he needs to look at our Building Blocks 2.0 report. Less than $286 million spent on local infrastructure could create over $45 billion worth of development, providing NSW with more than $2 billion in stamp duty revenue.

“It’s often the smaller projects which can have the most impact on housing supply and liveability. We are calling on both parties to pay more attention to resolving infrastructure bottlenecks which are holding back the economic growth of NSW.”

“We look forward to refining the details of this plan with Mr Daley.”