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It's All About Presence Half Day Workshop

Sydney CBD, Venue TBC
9:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Friday 16 Aug 2019
RSVP Date:
Tuesday 13 Aug 2019
Price per individual:
$625 - Member
$825 - Non Member

Have you ever met that person who commands the room and radiates confidence? This course focuses on your presence in many situations, enabling you to look and sound like the authority in your field, to be heard in meetings, and to manage your nerves under pressure. Our workshops are designed to assist you in becoming more confident in the workplace to assist you in becoming an invaluable team member who your colleagues look to for answers.

Workshop content

In this interactive workshop you will learn:

    - To look and sound like the authority in your field
    - How to use your voice to communicate key messages
    - How to be heard in meetings and interject successfully
    - Ways to look and sound confident in all situations
    - To manage your nerves under pressure
    - How to adapt your presence to suit various situations

Who should attend? 

Do you want to build your confidence when meeting new clients or effectively communicate your winning idea to the board? This course is open to any level, for those new to the industry, or those taking their next step in their career, or if you simply want to learn new skills. This course will provide you with the tools you need to become a more confident communicator.

Continuing professional development (CPD) points 

If the courses offered by UDIA NSW are relevant to your immediate or long term training needs you can claim CPD points. CPD requirements differ for each industry, please check if the activity is suited to your needs before commencing training.

Group discounts

When registering 4 or more attendees for any UDIA NSW Course or Workshop, you'll recieve a 10% discount. To secure this discount, please download the registration form above and return to us via email at pd@udiansw.com.au.

About the facilitator 

Mariette Rups–Donnelly has taken her years of experience as a leading actor and teacher of actors and combined it with an astute business understanding to create programs that go to the core of presence, presentation skills and business performance. Her clients include Vodafone, Australia Post, PRD Nationwide, AFR BOSS Magazine, ISES, Sydney Property Group, Women on Boards and many more.

Workshop feedback 

Already being a very experienced and skilled presenter i did not believe i would get a great amount from these workshops - i could not have been more wrong. The insights provided, the approach and the content are truly unique and of considerable value to all people who may have cause to speak in public or to present internally within their business. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Jason Murray, VODAFONE 

Enormously useful and helpful. I feel more comfortable and more confident and use the skills Mariette taught daily.
Jolanta Debek-Kozyra, Project Manager/Project Architect, Land & Housing Corporation



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