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Sustainability & Environmental Technology  

Brighton Lakes by Mirvac 

Mirvac’s quest for innovative, sustainable and affordable living solutions at its Brighton Lakes master-planned community in Moorebank was last night rewarded with the UDIA NSW Award for Excellence in Sustainability and Environmental Technology.


As an integral part of its innovation agenda, Mirvac, in partnership with CSR, rolled out a large-scale trial for the Velocity prefabricated building system at Brighton Lakes, the first Australian company to do so at scale. Many of Brighton Lake’s 306 freestanding houses, townhouses and Fonzie-style two-bedroom apartments were constructed using the Velocity system, with the factory-made Hebel panels delivering significant insulation benefits and thermal comfort, reduced on-site waste and lower construction times. 


The trial resulted in benefits for both the construction industry and customers and provided certainty of delivery at a time when NSW’s infrastructure and construction boom is placing pressure upon the supply of skilled labour.


Mirvac also created three “living labs” at Brighton Lakes, in partnership with Evergen, CSR and Autonomous Energy, trialling different solar PV and batteries and smart technologies to further the goal of building carbon neutral homes. The on-going 12-month data collection trial has shown positive results with a 70 per cent reduction in energy bills and invaluable knowledge gained about the best way to deliver affordable, sustainable homes.


Mirvac’s Head of Residential Stuart Penklis said good design and the introduction of a housing typology that meets the dual needs of affordability and prestige living, is at the heart of Brighton Lakes’ success.


“We never lost sight of our vision to create a connected, sustainable and healthy environment in which people at all stages of life could pursue a healthy, active lifestyle,” said Mr Penklis.


Mr Penklis said that Mirvac’s investment in the public domain at Brighton Lakes made it possible to build affordable prestige homes without compromising lifestyle.


“Too often these goals come at a price but our innovative approach at Brighton Lakes meant that we were able to deliver homes that ticked the boxes for affordability and sustainability.”


“For affordability and environmental reasons lot sizes are not what they were several decades ago,” said Mr Penklis. “However, through good urban design and a street network that connects easily to the Community Green residents have access to an asset that promotes both social and physical activity.


“We pushed the innovation agenda at Brighton Lakes and the results are being enjoyed by our customers.”