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Marketing (Land Development) 

Harvest by AVID Property Group 

Located east of Maitland, Harvest is a boutique 50ha, 410-lot masterplanned residential development by AVID Property Group. 
Harvest came to market in 2014. At the time the general corridor was laden with investor sales, tarnishing the reputation of developers. Sydney developers had brought ‘Sydney selling models’, i.e., small lot investor product to a traditional market. Recognising there was a need to differentiate Harvest, AVID undertook market research to understand what buyers were looking for and developed a marketing strategy that aimed to attract 95% owner-occupiers and 5% investors to Harvest.
To capture the imagination of the market with something fresh, Harvest set itself apart by adopting a multi-channel, highly creative and innovative marketing campaign, cleverly promoting the USP of each neighbourhood/lot offering.
Branding is contemporary and organic, alluding to the value of tradition, growth, vitality, and new life which connects with the values of the region. Every level of marketing builds on brand. From neighbourhood terminology such as ‘Harvest Gardens’ and ‘Vintage Hill’, to product/lot offerings which are described as ‘traditional’ and ‘ranch’ lots, albeit with a contemporary spin.
AVID’s tactic in terms of product was to go to market with a masterplan that met the preferences of the target market, with larger ‘traditional’ lots and significant green space driving urban design. More than 70% of lot sizes are 600sqm or more, ‘ranch lots’ are up to 2,705sqm, and Council’s green space requirement was exceeded by 195% with parks and riparian zones equalling 8.87ha.
Market acceptance can be measured through the community that has been built at Harvest and our sales success. Since launching Stage 1, Harvest has never had to put up a ‘for sale’ sign.