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Retail Development (joint) 

Narellan Town Centre Redevelopment by Greenfields Development Corporation and D. Vitocco Constructions in collaboration with Dart West Retail 

Narellan Town Centre is a family owned shopping centre in south western Sydney. 

What began in the early 1990’s as a handshake over the car bonnet between developers Tony Perich and Arnold Vitocco, progressed to a four stage development over the next fifteen years to see the Centre grow to over 35,000 square metres in 2008.
The fifth stage of the development, costing $200 million, commenced in April 2015 and was completed in August 2017. This would see the Centre not only double in size to 70,000 square metres but position itself as the true ‘town centre’ of the south western Sydney community of Narellan.
The construction process employed approximately 750 people, while the additional retail space is estimated to have created an additional 1,000 local jobs. 
The key innovative features of Narellan Town Centre are the architecturally designed retail bridge and outdoor community plaza. The retail bridge which is suspended over a 6 lane major arterial road involved complex negotiations with external stakeholders regarding air rights and stratum creation, construction methodology as well as leasing and management. The community plaza was created to provide an open space, and a true ‘town centre’, where customers and local residents can gather.
Development challenges were overcome through adopting a flat management structure and weekly internal meetings to strategise and promptly address any issues. These meetings would include the Developers/Owners, General Manager, Development Manager, Leasing Manager and Senior Marketing Manager. All team members were invited to contribute their thoughts and ideas to the project which further added to the Centre’s uniqueness. 
The response from the local community in regards to the Narellan Town Centre development has been extremely positive. The centre’s visitations in August 2017 reached over 875,000, which was a 66.5% increase on the same month in 2016. For the first six months since the development (August 2017 – January 2018) Narellan Town Centre’s monthly sales and customer visitations have increased on average by 54.2% and 28.8% respectively.