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High-Density Development 

Wentworth Point Marinas by Billbergia Group 

Wentworth Point Marinas is a high-density residential development that encompasses the full property cycle of land acquisition, rezoning, design development, sales and marketing, and construction.
The $1 Billion project was completed in Q4/2017 and incorporates 1,149 apartments in Z.E.N., Sirius Tower and Sirius Waterfront, together with a 3,500 sqm Community Centre and library, and a $63 million bridge, connecting the project to Sydney’s transport network, cycle and pedestrian systems. 
Situated in a convenient town centre location surrounded by sector-leading standards of public realm and lush landscaping, Wentworth Point Marinas boasts easy access to retail and lifestyle amenities, in close proximity to the waters of Homebush Bay.
Each building has been designed by award-winning architectural firm Scott Carver and is finished to the highest quality, with landscaped communal courtyards and gardens. 
The development, finance, sales and marketing strategy was delivered across three stages:
Stage 1 – Bennelong Bridge – privately funded and delivered public infrastructure involving 500 metres of long-span box-girder bridge and approaches linking Wentworth Point to Rhodes.
Stage 2 – Z.E.N. - two 25 storey towers and a lower building, with 450 apartments, along with ground floor retail and a community centre and library.
Stage 3 - Sirius - 27 storey building and two adjacent lower buildings, with 699 apartments.
The marketing leveraged the transport and access benefits of the new bridge, and the strategy focused on creating a point of difference for buildings within the development, each with its own name and character, and released in stages to ensure the market was responsive.
The project successfully achieved 100% pre-sales prior to the commencement of each stage, with selling prices ranging from $510 thousand to $1.97 million.
Key challenges in delivering the project included:
Coordination across 26 different Government agencies to deliver the necessary transport infrastructure to support a change in zoning to enable high-density development.
A responsive construction solution to address site conditions and the requirement for multi-radius concrete formed curved slab profile of the Z.E.N. building.
Wentworth Point Marinas sets a benchmark for an integrated high-density development, balanced with strong community outcomes through public amenity, transport connections and open space.