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Medium-Density Development (above 100 dwellings) 

Harbourfront Balmain by TOGA 

The completion of Harbourfront Balmain has seen our customers relish in their new homes and the realisation of our vision which was put to market three years ago. Comprised of 117 residential apartments as well as 2 commercial and 2 retail lots, this high end project achieved sales rates as high as $27,844 per square meter for a three-bedroom apartment that was sold on launch day at the end of 2014. Completing in December 2017 after an intensive build to deliver the detail expected of the project and the financial deadline of calendar year end. The project adds substantial density to an otherwise low rise area which has historically been sensitive to the introduction of density. Woven within the fabric of the suburb, Harbourfront has a harmony of public amenity and private luxury for its residents. Through an extensive marketing campaign which generated interest for the project across the globe, Harbourfront has marked itself as a truly iconic Sydney project.